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Act NOW to re-think the Centre Plan and increase green space 

Jen is a 2009 Master’s graduate of Dalhousie University’s Planning program. She has the urban planning knowledge and technical skills, as well as the lived experience as a disabled resident of Halifax, to ensure proper planning and housing options for the disabled (who comprise 1 in 3 Nova Scotians). 

Planning for the future in an organized way is HRM Council’s main job. But for far too long this has been a flawed process. Most participants in public consultations feel they haven’t been listened to and have been manipulated. This has to stop. Residents need to have a reasonable expectation of stability in their neighbourhoods when plans are adopted. Too often Council makes spot-specific alterations to allow developments that benefit developers but not the neighbourhood. The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), the official plan, should not be altered on an ad-hoc basis. We need a system of demolition controls—a power that other provinces have granted their municipalities, usually tied to showing that the demolition won’t adversely affect affordable housing. Halifax has a tight rental market—demolition should be a last possibility: creative adaptive re-use is better!

Let’s make serious efforts to decentralize employment locales and merge them with residential neighbourhoods, relieving transportation pressure on the peninsula. Sackville was built for residential use without employment centres; Bayers Lake and Burnside business parks have minimal residential components. Integrated neighbourhoods are better. The Halifax Common needs provincial legislative protection similar to the Dartmouth Common. The Common should be expanded as part of a connected green network throughout the Peninsula. A green network must include community gardens to improve healthy eating and food security.

It’s Time.

HRM needs a Better Council.

Vote for a Better Council. 

Vote for Jen.

About Jen

Jen Powley is a candidate for councillor in District 7.

Jen has lived with multiple sclerosis throughout her adult life. She knows what it’s like to face challenges and make good things happen. She listens, she thinks, and she acts.

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