Community Input and Transparency

Act NOW to ensure a variety of perspectives are considered in the decision-making process

I have described my life as a group project. I know that the differentiations between independence and dependence are not as simple as we may like to think. I believe that this understanding should be fundamental to the way our municipal government functions.

Powley knows she can’t know everything. She is forming an Advisory Committee that can help her learn from the experience of other members of Halifax’s varied communities. She is approaching African-Nova Scotian and Indigenous leaders, leaders from the communities of persons with disabilities, the Blind, the Deaf, recent immigrants, the 2SLGBTQI+ communities as well as students, low-income earners and members of the arts communities. She is also approaching business leaders. El Jones, Gerry Post, Tara Taylor and Aoife Mac Namara have preliminarily agreed to be involved. All meetings of the Advisory Committee will be public.

Powley will advocate for transparency in all dealings of Council. Only personnel matters and specific contract negotiations should be done behind closed doors.

HRM should have its own publicly accessible registry of lobbyists. It is important for both councillors and the public to be able to identify paid lobbyists as distinct from other constituents. There would be no fee for non-profit groups to register online.

It’s Time.

HRM needs a Better Council.

Vote for a Better Council. 

Vote for Jen.

About Jen

Jen Powley is a candidate for councillor in District 7.

Jen has lived with multiple sclerosis throughout her adult life. She knows what it’s like to face challenges and make good things happen. She listens, she thinks, and she acts.

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